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Healing Me (Ring)

Healing Me (Ring)

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#IrisAgate Healing Properties
Most gems are potent healing stones that can support your mind, body, and soul.

In general, agate is considered stabilizing and helpful in reharmonizing the body. Iris agate is considered incredibly transformative, often called a “wish-granting crystal.” Its vivid colors and energy can lift your spirits, ease your physical body, and calm your mind in many ways.

Physical Healing

Physically, what does iris agate do? It’s purported to unravel tension within the body.

Iris agate also holds common agate’s powers; similarly, it can alleviate problems associated with your eyes, stomach, and uterus.

Additionally, the crystal is used to cleanse the lymphatic system and pancreas, help strengthen blood vessels, and soothe skin-related disorders.

Emotional Healing

Regarding emotional healing, iris agate’s tension-relieving energies can help ease stress. It also shifts your perspective to a more positive outlook, allowing you to avoid a narrow viewpoint when handling stressful situations.

If chilling out is on your list of wishes, grab some iris agate and consider it granted.

Spiritual Healing

Into manifestation? Iris agate’s spiritual meaning of granting wishes makes this a powerful stone for manifesting. Simply focus on what you desire most, and iris agate can turn it into a fulfilled reality.

Iris agate also acts as a universal chakra stone, aiding the balance of all seven chakras (or energy points) along your body. By doing so, it clears the way for harmony and energetic balance.

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